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12 October 2008 @ 12:20 am
Bikki in Junon Super Boys Contest (again??)  

Today there is a best news again ! better than previous news.

Funabiki Kenta in Junon 11月 !!
haha It seem like previous entry but it's not. It's BETTER. Bikki passed into BEST 30 round. He is No.26 Sugoi ne~ I'm so glad with him and proud of his attempt. uhm.. I'm thrilled about number of Bikki (^_^"). It rather decline. In best 100 round, he is no.90 (far from last number = 10). Best 40, no.34 (=6). And best 30, no.26 (=4). It's so thrilling - -' haha But I still hope he will pass to next round. I think the contest has suspiciousness. But It's ok if Bikki is still in the contest XD

Fight on !
I will always support you.

If you will get 1 in 3 place, I promise I will certainly follow your works.

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